Apr 18, 2012


Right, a couple of video tutorials are now in the DropBox folder. I've also started to upload them to YouTube too.


  1. Hey Dave I'm not gonna make it tonight, not feeling great. See you next week, Lynz

  2. Hi Dave,
    this is that address that I said I'd send you for the Photovision Roadshow.
    Regards Peter


  3. Dave

    Thank you so much for the use of the studio & for laving me the hotshoe and adapters; last night (Monday 31st April) all went well and as a result I have completed one of my assignments. Richard was a saint and I made sure I did not disrupt his class. As for tonight I will not be in *sad face* I have not been well today, hopefully just a 24 hr thingy. At least it will give the others some valuable studio time. Will we be in next Tuesday? If not please let me know. If there are any other Mondays not taken up by other member of the class, then I will be happy to complete my work on these Mondays. I realise now that time is short and Tuesdays will be quite busy with my other class mates finishing their projects. see you next week Lynn x

  4. Hi Dave,

    I'm going to be late to class tonight as I have a doc appointment - should get there for around 6:30ish.

    See you later