Dec 2, 2011

Christmas Markets

We are going to meet on Tuesday at 18:00 by the water fountains in Piccadilly Gardens. I'll be there a little earlier and my number is 07717666620.

Here's the location, we meet inside the red circle. Remember to bring tripods, warm clothing and some pennies for a cup of hot beverage.


  1. Awesome, I missed another shoot at the markets this weekend so well pleased that we're doing this :)

  2. Hi Dave, I don't suppose you (or anyone else on the course) has a spare tripod? Mine is currently in Leeds and I won't be able to get it for tomorrow.

  3. Hi Lucy

    I'll bring one for you.


  4. Hi Dave

    I'm afraid I wont be able to make it tomorrow after all. I've double booked myself with something I cannot get out of. Will see you next Monday. Is this the last week due to our Christmas break? Thanks Lynn

  5. I don't have my tripod here either but hopefully I can share with someone?! :)